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Kimberly Blunkosky- Office Manager
In July 2001, after having worked at At&T Wireless for six years, Kim came to AW Communications to assist with the opening of the Retail Store. Her role was to be the Office Manager and assist with the operations of the retail Store. Kim is a graduate of Penn State University and holds a degree in Advertising. She is primarily responsible for accounting, marketing/advertising, and retail operations.
What is covered by my phone warranty?
Electrical malfunction and all Motorola CSB's are covered by warranty. Physical damage, such as liquid damage or cracked casing, is not covered under warranty.
What is the difference between AW Communications and other cell phone companies?
AW Communications is a full service company. We have an experienced, educated, friendly staff, a state-of-the-art retail showroom, and a full service repair center to service customers. Additionally, we have an outside Business to Business sales team.
I am a national (corporate) account customer, can you give me the same rates?
In most cases, AW Communications can offer you the same discounted rates. And, not only can we offer you the same rates, but we offer superior account service, such as FREE bill analysis. Our Business-to-Business sales representatives offer consistent, professional service in a timely manner.
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